April 25, 2011

Needless to say a word
Because readable from the face of strident
You and I have no harmony in the soul
Maybe the sweetness is gone
Should not we try again
Correct the error of this relationship
When every discussion becomes contentious
Which seems to love?
Dew was never able to nourish a bunch
The wilted flowers in autumn
That once bloomed irradiated solar
When you are sure to fall dry
As it appears clearly that our love
Increasingly fractured
Raises questions of what we might
Happiness in a farewell interview

Because of a drop of my tears flow , which means I'm not willing to lose , A row of words - words spoken from your lips , that bunch I've always longed for , each reflection on you , loving and dear to you created just for you my eternal love Heart is embedded

April 14, 2011

Demam , Demamb . Demam ! .
Dahh berapa hari aku demam , lambatnya nk sembuhh , hmm , esokk kene g skolaa , bosannya , da laa demam rasa macam malas jea nk g skola , Adoyy , mintak laa sembuhh dengan cepat ! , Okayy laa aku nk makan ubatt nie , laen kali aku update blog lagi kay ? , Byeee , <3

April 12, 2011

Huh , Penat , Penat ,Penat , 
Penat Gile kawat kaki PKBM , perr , Macam nk pesann dahh laa tengahh panas , tahu ? . Adoyy , memang penat gile arr , rasa nakk tercabut ponn ada kaki aku nie :D , biasa laa , baru nkk belajar . HAHA  , Abes kawan aku kene maki dengan komander kat sana , adoyy , HAHA , hmm , esokk ada latihan lagi so , hari ini aku nk rest dulu ye ? , HAHA , Penatt sangat sangat ! Okayy laa , aku dahh penat nakk menaip nie , HAHA